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Solid Wood Worktops

Texwood is the name given to a range of high quality solid wood panels, produced in Italy to our specification, kiln dried and ready for fabrication and finishing here in the UK.

Texwood®: Precision Craftsmanship

The production method is a process of careful monitoring, combining a mixture of old fashioned skills and new computerised state of the art equipment.

Our current stock consists of ASH, BIRCH, CHERRY, EUROPEAN MAPLE, IROKO, NATURAL BEECH, STEAMED BEECH, OAK, WALNUT, SAPELE & TEAK. These timbers are sourced in Italy or from other countries that have sound forestry policies such as the USA. No timbers from South America are included in our portfolio. Texwood has become THE product we are all pleased to be associated with, especially with regards to ecological issues.

The nature on its species

Texwood is available in an extensive range of hardwoods, produced in a variety of standard panels measuring upto 4000x1220mm and in thicknesses ranging from 26 to 42mm. Each panel is carefully checked and approved to ensure that any imperfections are specially treated and corrected by hand, guaranteeing a final product that is technically and aesthetically perfect.

The entire Texwood range is also available in two different widths of stave, in narrow 20mm strips and wider 42mm.

Gluing: DIN EN 204-D3

Formaldehyde according to E1 laws


Thicknesses                    Length            Width           Width of stave

16-19-26-32-42-52mm  4000mm      1220mm          20 or 42mm



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