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Granite Worktops

We work very closely with a company who have a large stocks of a wide variety of quality stone who manufacture and fabricate it into work surfaces and vanity tops for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as surrounds and hearths for the fireplace industry. 

Stone is a prestigious and striking natural material whose many colours and patterns form a rich palette for decoration around the home.

A detailed template will be made to represent exactly how your final work surfaces will be. The templates for your work surfaces will be returned to the production facilities where your stone will be manufactured to the exact template specifications.


Using a combination of the latest CNC machinery and traditional craftsmanship your work surfaces will be cut, shaped and polished.


Finally, after your finished worktops have been sealed, they will be checked against the templates for accuracy as well as quality.


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Granite is an igneous rock formed when magma is cooled deep within the earth. It is extremely hard, and can be recognized by its speckled, grainy composition. The material comes in a wide variety of colours, and can be either polished, honed or antiqued in finish.


This type of stone is extremely durable and highly resistant to stains. Granite is not as porous as other stones such as marble or limestone, so is ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms.