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GetaCore® is THE solid surface material from

WESTAG & GETALIT AG. Tangible functional advantages and its innovative, aesthetic appearance make GetaCore® an ideal modern material for

work-tops. The surface is non-porous and very easy to clean and maintain. Corner connections can be designed with almost seamless joints - good for maintenance, pleasing to the eye.

GetaCore® can in principle be processed like solid

wood. For instance, the surface can be very finely sanded in a similar manner to wood parquet. The advantage:

minor traces of use or damage can be simply removed - and your worktop is as good as new.

Soft colours and configurations inspired by natural

stone combine to form harmonious decors. Transparent, mineral particles create a stimulating visual depth and underline the solid appearance of GetaCore®. In their design purity GetaCore® worktops provide a homogenous link to their surroundings and combine beautifully with wood, metal or textiles. Adaptability is in any case the strength of GetaCore®. 16 different decors make it easy to turn an interior design into a harmonious overall picture.

Worktop lay-up:


 Nominal thickness


1) GetaCore® surface, 3 mm

2) GetaCore® front edge,12 mm

3) Chipboard substrate

4) Elastic expansion joint

5) Balancer Getalit HPL

Nominal thickness


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