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Bespoke Oak Garden Furniture

Apart from being beautiful, our range of bespoke oak garden furniture is incredibly sturdy and very practical. It can take any amount of knocks and bangs, ideal when there are children and animals around or just to leave in the garden over winter. Prices start from £210.00 plus VAT

For the ultimate in outdoor lounging.


The perfect oak garden furniture.

Handmade hardwood furniture

for outdoors conservatorys or the indoors...


There is an old saying about oak trees... Three hundred years growing, three hundred years living, three hundred years dying...Our beautiful English Oak is a huge, spreading tree, reaching up to 40 metres high and to put that in context, that's roughly about the same height as four houses stacked on top of each other, so it's a pretty big tree then! And it gets better – they can live for up to a thousand years.

After hundreds of years the timber from the trees is incredibly strong and has been used to make all manner of things from houses to barrels to furniture and ships. Thousands of trees were used for shipbuilding and many were replanted for this very reason and if it wasn't for the fact that the British Navy turned from timber ships to iron ships in the late 1800's our countryside would look quite different.

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We use green oak, locally sourced less than a mile from our workshop so you could be walking in the woods where your very furniture was grown. We use traditional construction methods throughout with oak draw pegs and hand cut joints.

As we use green oak it is lovely to work with and when we've completed our wor, the timber carries on moving and twisting slowly as it dries (like the beams of a medieval timber-framed house) making each furniture unique and it will still be drying and changing slightly when its in your home or garden.

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